Saturday, November 21, 2015

Homily, Pray for Sisters

Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Pontifical North American College
Roma, IT
November 21, 2015

Brothers, I wish simply to exhort you to pray in gratitude for the many women religious who have done the will of our heavenly Father and entered the convent. For today sisters, whether they be postulants, novices, or finally professed, whether they be a few months, several years, or many decades, will contemplate in Mary their own entrance into the convent. They will think back to that day when responding to that gentle call of their future spouse in prayer, they finally arrived at those convent doors. Saying goodby to family and friends, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, jobs, careers, studies, their very livelihood—an experience to which we ourselves are not strangers—they bravely entered that convent as Mary that Temple for a life completely dedicated to God. Yes, they are in need of our prayers as we are of theirs, and how they pray for us. Oh how they pray for us! So pray for these sisters, these women consecrated to God, for they are the maiden companion of Mary, her attendants, who today are escorted by Mary amid gladness and joy to the King, Jesus Christ whose future coming we celebrate tomorrow. 

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