Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sermon Notes: David and Absalom

Reflection for Mass
St. Vincent de Paul
Tuesday of the 4th Wk of Ordinary Time
February 4,, 2014

David’s Passion: The past several days we have been reading out of the second book of Samuel what could be called the Passion of David. Like the Passion of Christ, David prefigures through these events the events in Christ’s life we celebrate during Holy Week. For David, the conflict arises when his own son, Absalom, decides to turn on his father and take the thrown. Seeing that the people had sided with Absalom, David and his men flee the city.

David’s Pain: Today we here of the tragic death of David’s son, Absalom, in an accident. And while one might think David’s response would be triumphant or jubilant seeing his enemy defeated, as the Cushite messenger says: “Let my lord the king receive the good news that this day the Lord has taken your part, freeing your from the grasp of all who rebelled against you,” David’s response is hardly such. No, instead, he is shaken and weeps saying, “My son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you, Absalom, my son, my son!”

A Parent’s Compassion: David’s reaction is understandable particularly for us parents. We as parents never want to see our children suffer and we will do anything to keep them from it, including suffer it ourselves, even if that suffering is due to our children’s own fault or imprudence. How many time these words of David have been on our own lips when we see our children suffer: “If only I had instead of you.”

God the Father: We must realize that God the Father has this same love and compassion for us His children. And as proof He gave us His only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ that we might not die but have life eternal. The Cross is the concrete reality of God the Father saying to us His beloved Children: “If only I had died instead of you.” 

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