Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sermon Notes: Pray the Rosary

Reflection for 8:30 am Mass
St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Feast of St. John Damascene
December 4, 2013

·        The Advent and Christmas seasons calls us in a very special way to mediate upon a great number of events in Jesus’ life. The Church really does indulge her children in this way, literally dumping out the cookie jar during these seasons.

·        Between the feast days of the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Stephen, St. John, the Holy Innocents, the Holy Family, Mary the Mother of God, the Epiphany, the Baptism of the Lord, all centered on 8 days, 8 Sundays in a row for the feast of Christmas itself. There is a lot on our plate to take in and to digest.

·        In these seasons, the Rosary is the perfect prayer. It provides for us a wonderful summary of these events. In fact, every one of these events is contained in the mysteries of the Rosary in one way or another. So if you miss a feast or find yourself overwhelmed by the mystery, pray the Rosary and you will get back around to it, so that your may dwell longer at that particular font of mercy and grace. It is like eating Thanksgiving day leftovers.

·        The Rosary also becomes a special prayer during this time because of its Marian character. These seasons are marked by Jesus’ early years, His infancy, childhood, and the “hidden years” growing up alongside Mary and Joseph. Mary has a particular glimpse into these moments in His life and kept them ever in her mind and on her heart. She knows her Son during this time in an intimate way. Sit down with her through the Rosary and look at those photo albums with her. Ask her about those moments, how she felt, what she thought, etc…

·        Lastly, since I know many of you here probably pray the Rosary, I want to challenge you to pray with and for others. Here the Rosary, again, proves most efficacious allowing us to offer prayers for others through Mary’s intercession, and also pray with them for the same. I challenge you to use the Rosary as a chance to pray with others, to pray with those for whom you are already praying. We cannot be afraid to invite others to pray with us. This can be our mission.   

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