Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where in the world was I? #2

First the key to the last post:

  1. This is Piazza del Campo in Siena just after the Palio won by the Giraffa (Giraffe) contrada who is celebrating just behind me. I was fortunate enough to stand right where the grey horse carrying the white and red vested jockey joined the surging crowd in celebration. It was quite the festival. We then marched in chant and in song to the Cathedral to give praise to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed (the patroness of the event).
  2. This is an ancient ruin of a Roman emperor’s palace located in the Papal Gardens in Castel Gandolfo. The interest here is that several hundred Italian Jews hid here for several years under the protection of Pope Pius XII during the Nazi occupation of Rome. The Popes apartment in the Vatican City in Rome also functioned as a small hospital, hosting some 40 births during this time. Wouldn’t you like to say that you had been born in the Papal apartment?
  3. This is me atop Monte Subasio near Assisi. You can actually see Assisi in the picture. It is the white cluster of buildings in the distance. I took the opportunity to hike up the mountain and pray for a while as Jesus did. It was absolutely wonderful to pray the psalms amidst God’s creation.
Here is the link to the last post if you want to check the answers.

This post will only have one picture to guess at and really it is not all that difficult. Really I just wanted a chance to post this great find. I took this photo yesterday evening coming back from dinner in the city. It was quite the site. Have fun.

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