Friday, June 3, 2011

Announcements and Updates

Dear Family, Friends and Readers,

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce my official acceptance into the Pontifical North American College (PNAC) in Rome. I found out while I was at lunch with my fellow Austin Seminarians here in Omaha, NE. Not a better way to find out than with my diocesan brothers.

I thought I would take the opportunity with this announcement to update everyone on my whereabouts and summer plans. Currently, I am in Omaha, Nebraska, attending classes in Spirituality at Creighton University. These classes—Christian Spirit and Sexuality, Spirit of Diocesan Priesthood, and Christian Prayer and Virtue—are part of a program set up by the Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF). IPF was started by several priests and consecrated laypersons 13 years ago in order to provide the spiritual training that was so lacking in many of the seminaries across the United States. This past week has been somewhat of a crash course in Christian Prayer and Virtue in order to prepare the 175 or so seminarians for the eight-day silent retreat. This retreat begins tonight. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

After the retreat, I will continue to study here in Omaha until the 14th of July in which time I will fly back home to spend a few days with my family before flying out to Rome on the 17th. I will, then, spend a week becoming oriented to the city along with the other American Seminarians before dispersing out into our varied immersion programs across Italy. For a little over a month, I will be living with a family in Siena until late August, when I will return to Rome. Back in Rome, I will continue to learn Italian and prepare for my studies at the Gregorian University, a Jesuit University, which begins mid to late October. The European school systems are scheduled very differently. Beyond that I do not know my plans.

I will continue to update my blog, and communicate my thoughts and whereabouts, but I hope this initial sketch will do for now. If you would like to send me mail, my current address is as follows:

Sean DeWitt

Creighton University

Swanson Hall Box #37

2500 California Plaza

Omaha, NE 68178

I will be receiving mail at this address up until the 14th of July. So, if you are not sure it will get to me here in Omaha before that date, please do not send it. Instead, send it to the PNAC address, which is:

Sean DeWitt

Pontifical North American College

00120 Vatican City State


Once I am in Rome there will be a new email address you can reach me at as well, although I do not know what it is yet. Otherwise, continue to email me through my gmail account: As far as facebook goes, I will cease checking it after the silent retreat. I will not be shutting it down so that it will update my blog postings, but I myself will not be checking it. Thus, if you want to contact me personally please send me an email or letter. Lastly, I will cease to have a cell phone after I leave for Rome on the 17th. I will set up a skype account that I will most certainly share with everyone after I set it up, but if you want to call me, please do so before the 17th of July.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. I always love to here from you guys whether through email or snail mail.

In Christ,

Sean R. DeWitt

Seminarian for the Diocese of Austin


  1. All good news...your classes at Creighton sound great!

  2. Wow congrats. I hope you keep blogging. I have yet to find a Seminarian that tweets or blogs from the Pontifical North American College (PNAC)