Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relictis Omnibus Secuti Sunt Eum

Although this isn’t quite the best time to start a blog since I am leaving for Guatemala in two weeks, nevertheless I have decided to begin somewhat of a theological journal. I hope to share my findings and thoughts as I advance in my studies as a seminarian for the Diocese of Austin. However, it must be noted that in no way am I speaking on behalf of or in the name of the Diocese in this blog. This is merely a private investigative journal into the mysteries of the faith. I hope you will enjoy.

The title of this blog is somewhat obscure, yet relevant. St. Peter is my confirmation saint and has been a huge influence on my discernment. His example continues to be an inspiration to me. Thus, I chose as the title of this blog from the fifth chapter of Luke’s Gospel the words: “Relictis omnibus, secuti sunt eum—Having left everything, they [the disciples] followed Him.” This line concludes the famous fishers of men passage when Jesus commanded Peter to cast his nets into the sea. Peter’s humility in this passage is particularly moving when he says: “Exi a me, quia homo peccator sum, DomineDepart from me, who am a sinful man, Lord.” In many ways, I think all of us who have joined seminary feel this way when confronted with the grace of God in His calling. Yet as our Lord responds to Peter: “Noli timere—Do not fear.” I find much comfort in these words. Indeed, the late Pope John Paul ‘the great’ did as well, repeating them often when he spoke to the youth.

It is this connection to the first disciples in particular Peter that makes the Faith so alive to me. The struggles, thoughts, and trials that the saints went through are the same and continue to be the same for the faithful today. Thus we find comfort in their example, conquering through the grace of God sin and death, finding ultimate life and happiness with Him. So as I undertake my journey towards the priesthood (God willing), I attempt to do the same thing the apostles did: leave everything and follow him.

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